I have worked with many organizations on newsletters, newspapers, magazines and other marketing materials, and have produced over2,000 editions of these publications in my 33+ years in the business.

When I am invited in to an organization to review their materials and budget, my initial thought usually is: they are paying way too much to have this produced! Having worked with freelance writers, editors, photographers and many, many printers over the years, I know where cost savings are. It’s not a trick, it just takes knowledge of the industry.

I have a group of “go to” individuals and printers that I regularly work with. The people I know are trustworthy and good at what they do. Saving money doesn’t have to mean quality goes out the window, either.That’s why I have surrounded myself with these individuals and businesses, and continue working with them. They produce high quality work, fast, and at a reasonable price.

If a publication generates revenue from ads, I have the best ad sales team in the business, and they work with many organizations on a variety of publications. With their expertise and experience, they have consistently generated an impressive revenue stream. They are truly an amazing team!

I recently worked on a publication where ad sales barely covered the cost of printing. They wanted the publication to be 100 percent sustainable. In other words, they wanted the ad sales to cover the entire cost of producing the publication. Obviously, that’s not possible if the ads barely paid for the printing. Most editors would have walked out at that point. But, I trust my sales team so much that I took the risk and hoped they could increase ad sales to eventually cover my time and costs. In the meantime, I worked to save costs on printing and expenses (because I knew how!). My ad sales team not only doubled the ad revenue within months, but tripled and occasionally quadrupled the original ad revenue in less than a year. So, if your publication is unprofitable, I can change that!

I hope you will call me to discuss what I can do for you. I am not a high-pressure salesman, just an editor who loves what he does. I would be happy to discuss your publication with you and give you a free assessment of what I could do for you.